Counselor Corner

Critical Topics addressed and evaluated by YHELP!'s Professional Certified Therapist Consultant


Listen up young world-changers! It's time to give back to the community like a boss. Don't think you need superpowers or a fancy cape, just spread the love with simple acts of kindness. Look around and notice where you can lend a hand - pick up trash at the local park, bake cookies for the elderly next door, or donate your gently used toys to those in need. And hey, if you're not sure how to help, think about what you're good at and put those skills to work for the greater good. Let's do this!

We can make this planet sparkle if we all pitch in. But, hold up! Remember that we all need a little help sometimes. You never know when YOU might need a hand to hold during tough times. It's a two-way street, folks. Here's the best bit: giving back to your community is a mega-boost for your happiness. Helping others hit their goals is like a shot of sunshine, warming you up from the inside out. There are so many perks to sharing the love, like feeling grateful for what you have and noticing the good in your life. Come on, let's make this world a better place for everyone!

The holidays bring out the warm fuzzies in all of us, but we don't need sleigh bells to jingle our kindness. Why not make giving back a year-round affair? It's not all snooze-worthy either! You and your squad can get imaginative with how you help out the community. Host a get-together where everyone chips in some dough or throw an epic event where you show off your talents or offer a helping hand, like a fancy prom night or a back-to-school bash. Don't think of it as a chore. It's a chance to show off your caring side and make someone's day.

Until next time,

Jamese Jefferson, MA, QMHP