YHELP! HELPS is our volunteer and community service program that involves assisting those that are in need within the community.

 Certain projects are ongoing and some are seasonal such as The  Holiday Greeting Cards Project, Operation: Prom, Community Clean Up (weather-based), Back to School Tools. The goal is to assist teens to give to those that are in need and provide support.

In partnership with Old Navy and  Hot Topic, YHELP! donated Holiday Wellness gift baskets to homeless youth at the Carpenter's Shelter and Sasha Bruce Youthwork. Hot Topic and Old Navy donated multiple items that consisted of clothing and hygiene products. YHELP! also donated inspirational journals, socks, hats, and etc. to support youth through the cold winter months and holiday season. All items were completely new. 

#DEBBIESDAY- Oct 5. is a special day  for YHELP! Debbie's Day honors  Debra L. Potts, MSW, Disability Advocate, Social Worker, and a Consultant for YHELP! She was born on Oct. 5, 1962 and passed away on Nov, 7, 2021.  Her mission in life was dedicated to serving others, specifically those in need.  She experienced a spinal chord injury, but it did not stop her from persevering. She used her experience, her story, and expertise to motivate and inspire others, with and without disabilities.  Her experience included advocating for housing and employment policy changes on Capitol Hill for people with disabilities. She served as a Domestic Violence Counselor and a Patient Advocate for Veteran Affairs. Also, she was very passionate about serving diverse youth populations and completed her dissertation on  children that experience trauma from absentee fathers and participated in the annual youth disability advocacy summit.  Every month she would share her wisdom through YHELP! Counseling Corner Blog to encourage teens and parents to prioritize their mental health and lead with kindness.

To honor her, YHELP! established #DEBBIESDAY to encourage everyone to spread kindness and use that day to assist people with disabilities through service, donations, and awareness. This was accomplished by volunteering at organizations that served people with disabilities, monetary donations to organizations that served people with disabilities, performing acts of kindness and offer support, learn to use people first language, and wearing red (her favorite color) and posting on social media #DEBBIESDAY to support the campaign to  spread awareness to support people with disabilities. 

Operation Prom is a program that YHELP! supports by providing donated formal wear for all genders to attend to prom without the hassle of focusing money. Items include dresses, suits, jewelry, and accessories. 

YHELP! created "Thank You" gift bags to show appreciation to Community Rec Center staff that supports at risk youth in Alexandria, VA