We develop mental health and life skills related content that consist of interviews with experts, monthly blogs, mental health campaigns, podcast, daily social media post, therapeutic art all created by teens. This gives students the opportunity to develop their skills in career clusters of their interest that can prepare them for employment and/ or college such as Psychology, Writing, TV/ Film Production, Social Digital Media, and Art. Also, when the students participate in the program, they will develop a portfolio to display their work. YHELP! will provide professional references and letters of recommendations for their future college or employment opportunities.

YHELP! WILL (Transition & Life Skills Program)

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YHELP! has developed the YHELP! WILL program for teens to develop the will to succeed in life while maintaining their independence. We have created a life skills program that includes the basics of career development, employment skills training, financial literacy, driver’s education, travel training, independent living, college prep, but what makes our program unique is that we truly assist with the improvement of communication skills and soft skills. Soft skills are crucial to navigating the world such as responding to social cues, knowing when to be personal or professional, learning when to advocate for your needs in a professional respectful manner, and setting and following healthy boundaries.

YHELP! believes that teens have a voice and should be empowered to express their selves. Art and Mental Health are one in the same and the Arts can be a useful tool to help teens share their voice and their point of view. Most importantly the Arts can assist anyone and especially teens through healing. The Arts give an opportunity for teens do develop a positive sense of self-esteem and formulate healthy coping skills. YHELP! has taken notice of the powerful impact the Arts can have on the overall well-being of teens and in turn have developed the YHELP! Arts program.  YHELP! Arts consist of weekly lesson plans, workshops, and collaborative projects that focus on self-esteem building, coping skills, and goal setting.

YHELP! HELPS is our volunteer and community service program that involves assisting those that are in need within the community. Certain projects are ongoing and some are seasonal such as The  Holiday Greeting Cards Project, Operation: Prom, Community Clean Up (weather-based), Back to School Tools. The goal is to assist teens to give to those that are in need and provide support.