Indeed (Job Board)

Go to Indeed.com. Enter your city and state, type of job. Teens should start with terms like "part time" "seasonal" or "entry level"

Teen Resume Info

It's okay if you do not have professional work experience. You can include your volunteer experience, grades, and chores for work experience. Click here to read more about writing a Teen Resume.

Job Tips

The best time to look for summer jobs is during the winter season (Feb-May). Ask friends and family members, especially adults if their job is hiring for summer jobs and internships. During the fall season (Sept- Oct) for holiday season jobs in the winter.


Professional references are key. You need at least 3 adults that are not related to speak on your behalf. It's okay if you have never worked before, you can use your teachers, coaches, members of a church or organization that can vouch for your character. Ask them to provide you with their name, phone number, email address. Give them a heads up about the job you are applying for so they can prepare to give you a good reference.

How to Interview

Practice with friends and family doing Mock Interviews. Research and learn key facts about the company from their website. Arrive at least 20 minutes before to be on time, find parking, review your notes, and relax. Enter the building 10 minutes before. Be honest, polite, bring a binder with a notepad and 3 copies of your resume and references.

After the Interview

Make a follow up call or email after 2-3 weeks from the interview. If you are offered the job , discuss it with your parents, accept the offer. If you already have a job give a start date that allows you to give your current job two weeks notice. When you start the job dress appropriate for the workplace. If you are unsure, ask your supervisor. Please be on time and do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Be professional and do not share personal business or gossip. Maintain a positive attitude. Set a bank account for direct deposit and create a budget. If you feel uncomfortable or have concerns discuss it with your parents or supervisor.