About YHELP!

YHELP! is a human service organization developed to provide a platform for youth to receive help and to help other youth.  Today’s youth are our future leaders and can lead by example how to provide assistance when someone is in crisis or in need of guidance.  There are times where youth do not feel understood, accepted, or supported by adults, but can be open to expressing their selves to other peers without judgment. 

YHELP! is safe haven for youth to communicate with one another through technological advances and social community opportunities that are monitored and facilitated by trained staff in the field of health and human services, such as social work, psychology, science, and education. The youth voice is critical to the development of our society. Youth assisting youth in a safe regulated space can contribute to reducing the rate of suicide, self- harming, isolation, bullying, and depression. 

YHELP! encourages youth to communicate their personal experiences and how they used positive and healthy alternatives to overcome barriers and challenges to other youths that are in need of support with the assistance of trained human services professionals. 

YHELP! also creates community events for youth to learn about critical themes such as physical health, mental health, life skills, and transition. YHELP! has partnered with medical and accounting professionals that assist with life skills training in reference to nutrition, family life, and money management with budgeting.  Also, we have staff that are certified and specialize in transition and social work case management services for youth. 

Our mission at YHELP! is to serve all youth and provide them with tools to succeed in all aspects of life and develop their emotional intelligence through positive support and counseling.